A swipe away from your next meal

Can't decide what to eat? Browse through images of dishes from menus of nearby restaurants

Introducing Entrée

Entrée is a simple, intuitive free app that helps you decide the right meal every time. The easy swipe-and-save interface lets you collect all of the most appealing dishes together in one place; no more juggling take-out menus or multiple websites. Order delivery, make reservations and order an Uber directly from the app. This makes finding the perfect meal a breeze, so what are you hungry for?
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Swipe to Save

Easy interface lets you favorite dishes by swiping right on dishes you like, and swiping left to see the next menu item.

Powerful Filters

Filter dishes by cuisine, restaurant name, price, distance and rating to find the perfect meal you're looking for.

Explore Menus

Swipe through individual dishes and restaurant menus, allowing you to visually decide what you're in the mood for.

Screenshot of Entrée app

Delivery and Reservations

Choose your dish, and order delivery, make a reservation and take a ride with Uber, all with one tap.

Gorgeous Images

Our growing database of high quality images features staple dishes from more than 50 cuisines.

Smarter Algorithms

Entrée learns your preferences over time, showing you only the best dishes.

How the Entrée app looks on iPhone

Explore Dishes Visually

Pictures can describe food much better than words ever can. Scrolling through menus and downloading documents onto your phone makes selecting a meal more difficult than it needs to be. Entrée brings all the pictures to you, showing you dozens of appealing options first instead of forcing you to read through menus. This lets you discover hidden restaurants and new eateries as well as perennial hot-spots.

  • Entrée makes selecting your next meal easier than it’s ever been
  • Everything from menu browsing to delivery in one convenient interface
  • Expand your pallete and discover your dining experience tonight!

Our Team

Prajoth Pattamatta, CEO of Entrée

Prajoth Pattamatta


"Our goal from day one is to help users to decide their next meal. The process of choosing what to eat is frustrating, time consuming, iterative and inefficient. We're hoping to solve that by intelligently showing users the best dishes from restaurants around them, with a focus on the visual appeal of food"

Danny Tippens, CFO of Entrée

Danny Tippens


"People are overwhelmed with restaurant options. In New York City, people can choose from thousands of different restaurants in numerous cuisines. And even within cuisines, there are hundreds of options for Chinese, Thai, Mexican, Burgers, Italian, Pizza etc. We want to simplify the whole meal experience."

Albert Jose, COO of Entrée

Albert Jose


"How many times at a restaurant have you seen a dish go by you and ultimately decided that’s what you want? Images are scientifically proven to increase your hunger hormone to further help you decide."

Sravan Kumar, lead iOS developer

Sravan Kumar

iOS Developer

"We've always wanted to pair the 'Tinder for food' concept with actually helping with the meal decision process. We want our users to say, 'Entrée is the best free app to quickly discover and decide on great dishes from restaurants near me', and we're always striving towards that."

Thirupathi Swamy, iOS developer

Thirupathi Swamy

iOS Developer

"After having the same daily conversation with my roommate, I frustratingly said, 'Why can’t you ever decide what or where to eat for dinner?' That's why our goal is to help people quickly decide what to eat by showing great dishes from the best restaurants"

Jilani Shaik, C# developer

Jilani Shaik

C# Developer

"Entrée has an awesome algorithm that learns your preferences over time, so we're constantly showing you better dishes as you use the app. I believe this feature is really missing from the current meal selection process."


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